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This address already exists,but I found a new use for it!

Conkbat [D-PAD up/down]
D0042A14 0008
800CC2D3 0015
D0042A14 0004
800CC2D3 0001
D0042A14 0004
800CC37D 0000
Press D-PAD up/down to enable/disable.
Conker with bat physics,unfortunately can't poop.
Lazy coding with water physics for flying,the disable line is from the "swim in air" code.

Edit:He can poop in the zombies mission!
It stays in ball form...

Lowest Dung Beetle Liftable
D00CDF5F 0009
800CDF5F 000A
800CE1BB 0008
You can pick him up and throw as much as you want.
Only works before slingshot murder.

Poo Cabin Beetle Liftable
D00CC5FF 0009
800CC5FF 000A
800CC85B 0008
Only there when Poo Cabin chapter. (he's gone later)
Also,try grabbing birdy after punching him in 2nd hungover.

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