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Thank you very much for your answer! I enabled debug mode in my emulator, and although i'm not sure if it changed anything, i figured out how to fly with keyboard! So to everyone who struggle with it like i did, here's how you can do it:

Press L (which is A on the keyboard) and Right on the DPad (which is either L or 6 on the NumPad, depends on what version you're using i think) at the same time, which activates this flying mode.
You can move around horizontally with the Dpad. To go upwards, press A (X), to go downwards press B (C). To go faster press R (S) while moving.
Press L and DPad Right again to get out of flying mode.

If it doesn't work, check the controller settings to find out which buttons activate the other, it may be different for some people.

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