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Widescreen Hack (NTSC) [C.Guru]
81096900 3CAE
81098DB0 3C31
81098DB2 A235
810AB940 FFD7
810AB946 CE00
810AB948 FFF3
810AB94E C300
810AB950 000F
810AB956 BD00
810AB958 002C
810AB95E B100
Obviously ported to NTSC,third line onward strangely offset by +4 from B940 starting BD3C on PAL.

Glide64 Final 2012 sucks for some reason since Rock Solid's floor is "solid" black.
Jabo GFX 1.6.1 can render Rock Solid more properly.

ConkerGuru already ported most of (if not all) the audio codes,so here is the link to them.

Edit:New object!

Buga's Knuts
8009D100 00xx
Only appears briefly when he is exposed/defeated.
8B=Butterfly Net

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