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Smile Jabo's Direct Sound plugin for project64 v1.6 and 1964

AudioWrapper v1.0 by Shunyuan
AudioWrapper is a audio plugin wrapper to let Project64 v1.6 and 1964 can use
Jabo's DirectSound plugin v1.7.0.07. To use AudioWrapper, just copy AudioWrapper.dll and
Audio.dat to the plugin folder then selct Jabo's Direct Sound (wrap) as your
audio plugin.

Jabo Direct Sound Plugin is written by Jabo for Project64 v2.0 and
AudioWrapper is written by shunyuan (

I have removed the download file, you won't need it anymore, since there are better audio plugins for pj64 1.6 and other N64 emulators, , such as HleAduio v1.7.1.

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