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Donkey Kong 64 (U)

Missing Parts of Music
8060129D 0003
Enter a buddy barrel and select a different character to alter the music.

Echo Reverb Audio
80601E3F 0004

Lingering Music Tracks
81601E8C 2400

Epic Retro Music
8060217D 00E6
DK Isles sounds amazing! (after re-entering it)

Robotic Audio
806021A1 0003

Corrupt Again Audio
80602279 0007
Use Chunky's Primate Punch for funny music corruption alterations,and maybe even graphical glitches.
The more you punch,the more the interior DK Isle wall changes,try Frantic Factory.

The DK64 Experience
8060265F 0060
Massive lag as music constantly restarts,generating the biggest slowdown.

Full Buddy Barrel Song
806026C7 0000

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