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Originally Posted by RchUncleSkeleton View Post
1st off project64 cannot and will not be ported to wii as it is coded for use on x86 based processors, the wii uses a POWERPC processor, the same kind used in pre-intel macs...there is no port of pj64 for those macs, there will be none for the wii....wii64 is the closest you'll get to an n64 emu on the wii...

.... but your best bet for playing n64 games is either owning the actual thing or playing the roms on pj64
Just wanted to add, if the devs would release the damn source code for 1.6 already (since 1.7 code is/has been rewritten), then it wouldn't be such a problem for people to port this over to other systems without interference to the main project focus, which is and possibly will forever be, N64 emulation in Windows/x86. Not only that, it would give us a chance to test out features we would like to have without having to wait for a release (just state in the license that the name has to be modified so end-users won't confuse your modified build with the main build and credit has to be given back to the original devs/project and the modified source released) that may or may not have said features. Netplay multi-player and multi system portability (wifi multiplayer on PSP anyone?) would be epic and wouldn't be skin off the original devs backs, not to mention, a lot of hard work could be pawned off to the open source community and specific patches could be folded back into the original source tree. Tell me that's not a win-win
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