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Default Issue with xbox360 controller: scrolling

Hi, I'm using the most recent version of P64, the version of Nrage that comes with it, and an xbox 360 wired controller. Everything works except it keeps registering that my left analog (which is configured as the N64 analog stick) is down, even though it isn't, resulting in continuous scrolling down in the game. If I set my right analog as the N64 analog, it scrolls to the right continuously, although much slower. I have verified that my controller works properly, I don't have these issues in any other program, such as Skyrim on steam. Oddly enough, yesterday my controller worked perfectly, but today it stopped. I didn't alter my settings.

Edit: I am using Xinput and yes, the plugged option is checked. Curiously, even though it by default scrolls down, when I try to scroll up, the speed doesn't seem to be impeded.

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