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Really amusing the people dissing Vista are probably the people who've never touched the OS in their life or are just too stupid to understand computing and have massive attacks of paranoia about DRM. In Vista I play games like Crysis with full DX10 effects at smooth framerates (although my PC is always on the bleeding edge, I never stop upgrading ) I watch all movies and listen to all music I've downloaded/ripped myself. I even run downloaded games and games I've cracked with no problems. Exactly how is DRM a problem in vista? I've not experienced it and I've been using it as my main OS pretty much since it's release. Initially it pissed me off but since spending time using it more and since the software/driver support has improved over time most people are just spewing out bullshit based on early/no experiences with the OS in the first place.
Anyway imo any OS older than 2K should be dropped, I'm quite surprised to see the amount of people still using 2K so it's probably best to keep the support for it as I don't think it would be too difficult to implement with it being an NT system.
Also I'm not surprised to see the people asking for a Linux version. As much as I used to love Linux and used it for quite a while the lack of support where games are concerned made me drop the OS completely. Linux will never get mainstream gaming support and anyone who thinks otherwise is just fooling themselves, checking out PC games these days they're mostly cheap, direct and badly optimized ports of console games done as an afterthought with no interest in the PC gaming industry, usually PC versions are just out there for a quick buck more than anything so it's unlikely they'd even acknowledge Linux support much less consider it. It's pretty sad to see PC gaming cheapened so much by money grabbing fuckheads in companies like EA and Lucasarts. Wow I really have no idea how to stay on topic...
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