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Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
Please make a Linux version of PJ64.
you see that there is a large number of people begging you to make a Linux version.
Linux is not hard, Linux is different (even my 7 year old son runs Linux) why cant you develop it then? are you smarter than a 7 year old?
Linux is the fastest growing OS on the market.
you guys were the ones who asked which OS to support, so you got your answer.

why don't you develop it yourself, pj64 is open source freeware, plus what difference would it make if you are unable to use a game controller, they don't make xbox or playstation game controller drivers for linux, (it's kinda hard to play a game like mortal kombat on your keyboard) so you'd have to make those yourself as well. if you want to use pj64, install windows xp sp3 on a seperate partion, and make sure that your computer as a newer computer with 1GB of memory or more but 1GB minimum, pj64 will not run on old piece of shit dinosaur computers, i know i have an old desktop and a newer laptop and the laptop blows the desktop to hell. if you can't make it yourself contact a linux pro and ask them to design th drivers
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