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Originally Posted by retroben View Post
@theboy181: I sent you (via your YouTube) some SM64 codes I found earlier when the forums were down.
I found both the running and crawling animation speed codes and some others are listed.

I already ported "no frameskip" to B-K 1.1 because I got bored.

From my older thread after initially finding B-K 1.0 code.

Banjo-Kazooie v1.1 (U)

No Frameskip
8027F71F 0000

Alt No Frameskip
8027F71C 0080

Use normal versions of PJ64,or any 1964,or Nemu,or Mupen including lates Android Edition build and see what happens.
Please test and let me know the Treasure Trove Cove results.

I will test some of these tonight after work. I can't seem to find where on YouTube you posted those cheats codes fro Mario. Do you have a link?

Book recommendation!
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