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Originally Posted by Frank74 View Post
There's no problem with the (U) rom on the current version of Project64 on Github. No freezing in the Prison Compound anywhere. I use Glide64 For PJ64. Jabo has problems with disappearing paths etc.
Like I said, it could just be that I needed to make certain tweaks on my side to get it to work with my pc because there could just be some compatibility issues with that ROM and my pc. However, I am not patient enough anymore and just want to play my game. So, I am gonna roll with the ROM that does work for now, unless you guys have any other ideas. I also tried using both Glide64 and glN64. Glide64 produced the same issue, and glN64 made everything in the environment white. I guided myself into the prison compound, with glN64 being on, and it also froze.
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