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Originally Posted by 1337 View Post
1: Is the wired or wireless controller? (Wired ones are pretty much guaranteed to work without any extra downloads)
2: Which controller plugin are you using? I'm sure everyone would agree with this suggestion, but if you're not using N-Rage, download from the link in my siggy.

I await your response.
Thanks for the help
1. Wired
2. I am an idiot for not including this, my apologies... I am using "tattieboogle". It is a driver that allows macs to use xbox 360 controllers. I use a program called "crossover" that allows Project64 to run properly. Crossover is basically an emulator for windows programs, so I have an emulator to run an emulator. I have been wanting to play the Ocarina of Time for a while now, but my nintendo is with my sister far away lmao. I will see what I can do with N-Rage and I will get back to you with my success/failure in a bit.

EDIT: I have the N-Rage plugin installed (Unless it somehow automatically found the file I installed, I assume the plugin was preinstalled) but now I have another issue with it. It simply will not pick up any of the signals from my controller when I try to bind buttons to it.

EDIT2: Had one of those stupid moments... I didn't see the extra tab that allowed me to activate my controller haha. Thanks for your help! I thought it was going to be an elaborate fix, but it was quite simple. I did find out how to install plugins and such as well while fixing this which is great because I would love an HD texture of the Ocarina of Time.

Thanks for the help

EDIT 3: One last question: is it possible to bind menu commands to a controller? I want to have RB function as a speed boost, so I want to make F4's command to RB.

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