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Originally Posted by natnatertatertot View Post
good luck broheim.
I worked on this for about an hour and a half, and I finally got it to work... The problem was that the program was unable to find files on the mac OS even though I specified the files properly. However, the program would work flawlessly, but only when using it on the joytokey application. After some more work, I got a cracked version of gamepad companion and it's working fine. (If you're one of those anti-piracy people, don't worry, I'm gonna buy it now that I know it works... I don't steal from devs) Now I just need to get an HD texture pack working and I'm set

I don't know why, but I honestly enjoy doing stuff like this... Whenever I play minecraft I spend half of my time installing mods and fixing up compatibility issues then I do actually playing the game lmao