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Than you Frank74, but i dont now.. just i think glide hates me
Intel HD Graphics 510 in Windows 7 64-bits latest drivers

GLideN64 rev.d8ac5a7 and same in Project64 Video Plugin

GlideN64 For PJ64

so is the reason why i still stick in Jabos with modded d3d8.dll 1.5 by crosire and my modified rdb :P
I don't post links to downloads because idk the forum rules but usually is forbidden and i decided not take risk xd anyway is easy to find it in duckduckgo or google.

Originally Posted by Frank74
For 1.6.1 make sure the rdb in the emulator folder has a blank line at the top.

Or copy the rdb from Config to the emulator folder. Without a blank line, settings get corrupted.
yes i downloaded the 1.6.015 rdb and put in the project64 folder and works same like when i have a file auto-generated with one single entry to define emulation width/height... xD

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