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Whoever calls it "HatCat's" pixel-accurate plugin, as you say, is lying.

I've made constant efforts since the creation of this thread to credit angrylion as the creator and have attached my name to this project in no way, except maybe for the about screen when I added the basic GL back-end to it.

Furthermore, my name isn't HatCat, so why would a non-lying attribution to me in the plugin's creation mention HatCat?

Furthermore, it appears to not matter how long I tried to reiterate who is or who isn't responsible for the original foundation for a project like this. The project has been and will be active during times when I have time for it and am not overwhelmed by everyone's attempts to influence me to different directions of how to continue it. I am still very busy now.

The goal has been to make it faster in hundreds of methods I blogged about that angrylion had not implemented, but people are less obsessed over whether my modern continuity of the project is more or less eminent in conjunction with the raw plugin's fundamental existence, but more obsessed over having different author's names repeating the same project for some competition between developers in some superhero scene drama.

In other words, there would be no benefit to having both an "angrylion's pixel-accurate" as well as also a "HatCat's pixel-accurate", when there is really one type of software-rendering project that just needs to be improved and perfected--and maybe forked, but not claimed as one's own for this myth of progress by fame-whoring competition or jealousy or whatever these people in userland want to cite as motivation for development these days.
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