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Heh. Which is besides the point of how easy it is to get on this guy's ass.

Things that are the exact same, for both DLLs, are a bit of a neutral point.

But, there would definitely be room for improvement, yes, if it was open-source.
That's a-whole-'nother discussion, but I really don't think it's honorable to defy Jabo's legacy like this.
I don't care if it doesn't convince him further away from open-sourcing his plugins.
I don't even care if it convinces him towards open-sourcing it.
But I do care if everyone on the planet has no selfless respect for another person's hard work and takes pride only in themselves, and that's why some people default to closed-source.

Not saying it's "morally" right or wrong or whatever.
But just leave the damn plugins alone. Even if 1.7.x was better than 1.6.1 plugins, it isn't better than time and team-driven generations of effort.