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Default Remove Jabo's Direct3D8 on future releases

I want Jabo's Direct3D8 to be removed on future releases. On 2.4, the plugin is deprecated and Glide64 is set as the default. On 2.5, the plugin is removed. This is mostly 'cuz it is proprietary and closed-source, Glide64 is bundled since Project64 2.x, and has some problems with newer GPUs.

I'll try to modify the Project64 build to do the following:
  • Jabo's Direct3D8 is removed in this build (Glide64 is set as the default)
  • angrylion's Per-Pixel RDP with OpenGL is bundled in this build.
  • Jabo's DirectSound is removed in this build (shunyuan's HLE Audio is bundled, and set as the default)
  • N-Rage Input is updated in this build.
  • Zilmar's RSP is removed (HatCat's RSP Interpreter is bundled, and set as the default)
  • The “Support Project64” annoyware screen is removed in this build.

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