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lol squall?! What happened to "RTFM"?

Originally Posted by Jabo View Post
Might not hurt to up a state for me also for this red dot business try out the software renderer see if that works better/worse
Originally Posted by squall_leonhart View Post
Software mode does not change anything, neither does Interpreter, i've been there and tried that

The Black box reported on butterfree is occuring in the Software renderer, probably why it appears in the picture.
no jk, it's been like a couple years or so since Jabo already asked that, but yeah I remember testing the RGB rasterization device, let alone is the red dot support in there since usually you hear a beep sound that goes along with the display, which means the feature itself is totally unsupported

Oh and about before it's easy to access. Easy to get a save state up for it, too.
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