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Default Pure LLE graphics plugin emulated completely by CPU.

I know that emulating everything via the CPU and LLE would require an almost complete rewrite. However, wouldn't it significantly increase compatibility and accuracy?

Could it ever be worth the PJ64 Team's time?

The only options I think would be necessary is a checkbox for edge AA and maybe one for better mipmapping than the N64 uses.

I don't think speed would be a major issue with a mid range intel CPU (my non-oc'd 2500k runs PCSX2 at good speed and the N64 was less powerful than the PS2). For people with slower CPUs, then I guess the graphics portion could be offloaded to OpenCL, DirectCompute and/or CUDA.

I personally just don't see any use in using ROPs and TMUs although I'm sure that the PJ64 has its reasons for not doing all the emulation via software.
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