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Default Project 64 hires textures won't work

I've been trying for hours to get Project 64 to work with the hires textures for Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Everything, I mean everything, was working 100% perfect until yesterday when I had to reinstall Windows on my pc. I saved the project 64 program folder and pasted it into the "Program Files (#86)". At first the textures were working for Ocarina of Time but were blurry in full screen. Now they aren't working at all. I've reinstalled Project 64 1.6 and the 1.6.1 plugin patch several times now and every time I try to use the Glide64 plugin to load Ocarina of Time's hires texture pack, Project 64 crashes. But the worst thing, is the hours I've spent trying to get Project 64 to recognize the RiceVideo plugin. Every single time I press on the settings menu, I receive a message saying that ricevideo.dll and RiceVideo6.1.3DX9.dll fail to load every single time. No matter what I do, they won't work. What happened? I was playing Majora's Mask just 2 days ago perfectly. I have placed the BMGlib.dll, Msvcp71.dll and Msvcr71.dll files in the Project 64 main folder. I can't take this anymore, I've been trying for hours non-stop nothings working. I also have installed DirectX 9. What more does this thing want?

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