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Originally Posted by Apophis View Post
Hey, this's my first post. Anyways, here are a few things I think should be added to Project 64 1.7..

1. A walk through for all of the games supported. Such as Zelda OOT, Super smash bros, etc. It should also Include secrets, and everything in between.
2. Even moore cheats for the games
3. Some roms to be included with the emulator.
oh that was great well sorry kiddo i doubt that ll happen after pirate bay went down there isn't much hope for others to be dishing games out even privately even if you own the games, i can see ninty chasing people down to scrape a few more dolars /pounds out of e'm ,i can see the blood sucking lawyers closing down every site out there sharing even the idea of games,well the internet was nice while it lasted only people left ll be pedophiles and perverts untill they lock them up,then internet service providers 'll be bugging the cr** out of you to sign back up to the net cause no 1 wants it,hey ya can't share note these days without someone wanting to stop ya (note to lawyers you stink)ye ok stop the latest stuff just leave the older (can't get anymore)stuff alone just ignore rant neighbours been annoyin the heck out of me
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