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Originally Posted by Squall_Leonhart View Post
Well Documents\My Games is the easiest to access, appdata is usually a hidden folder,

as long as i can still set a hard location for both the settings and the saves, its not a major problem with me.

Total commander uses a ini item to set it to use the windows dir, registry, or program dir for its ini/settings location.
I agree with the people who have already posted to say why My Documents is a no-no. unless, that was one option presented in the setup wizard (and not the default).


wizard step1: choose type of install
*Single user or portable install
*Multiple users

wizard later step: save location for current user (skip this for portable install, just use $AppDir\Saves, user can change later)
*%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Project64\saves\ for states, %AppData%\Project64\saves\ for native saves (recommended for roaming profiles)
*My Documents\My Project64 saves\
*Browse for save folder... (choose your own)

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