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Default Texture Packs Not Working?

I just downloaded Project64 1.6 to play Paper Mario, since I found a hi-res texture pack for it. I looked up how to install it, got the Rice Video Plugin (6.1.0c), installed that, did all the advanced options it needed me to do, and unzipped the texture pack file to the hires_texture folder. The directory goes like this:
Project64 1.6/Plugin/hires_texture/PAPER MARIO
and it still doesn't work. While some textures do work, most of them show up as nothing, making the game unplayable. I tried to download another texture pack for Smash Bros. to see if it was just Paper Mario bugging out, but that didn't work either; it had the same problems. Do I need to use a more recent version of Project64, or am I doing it wrong?
I'm using Mollymutt's HD Paper Mario texture pack, if that helps at all.