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Default Doesn't treat analog joystick as analog

It has no option to assign the joystick x-axis to emulated analog stick x-axis, or joystick y-axis to emulated analog stick y-axis. Instead it only has options to configure a digital approach to the analog stick. Basically this means that if you press a key assigned to the analog stick left direction for example, it treats it as fully pressing the emulated stick to the left. And unfortunately this also means that when I use a real analog joystick (or a gamepad thumbstick) I'm only alowed to treat it as a key press. Pressing left on the analog stick to ANY AMOUNT past a certain threshold, is treated as if it were pressing a key, and pressing it less than this threshold, makes it be treated as if the key were not pressed at all. This basically turns the analog joystick into a DIGITAL joystick, and then emulates the analog stick in the game from these digital inputs (is Left pressed, then go full left, if not then don't go left). It's NOT behaving as it should. The way it SHOULD behave is if you are using an analog joystick, the emulator should recognize that, and directly pass the analog joystick signal levels to the emulated N64 stick, so the game being played would behave as expected.
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