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Originally Posted by AltTabbed View Post
Trying to run an emulation of CBFD, and I ran into a spawn bug in the game. I'm nearing the end, and then I get to the War part of the game. I have to push these tnt goblins near the plane to blow it up, but I cannot light their fuses. The platform in the middle where you are supposed to light them up is not there. I cannot find anything else on this issue. The platform in the middle of the water is there, but the "context sensitive" platform that is supposed to be there is not there, so I cannot light the fuses for these tnt goblins. Anybody got any idea what to do? Can i force this entity to spawn with a program? I really don't know what to do.

Wait! I do play this game a lot and it's not a bug issue. Honestly!

First you watch a cut scene of the plane getting shot down and then meet the sergeant talking bull crap. After that cut scene, go to the far right and jump off in the water. There is a tiny sandy beach on your right, when you see a ladder in front of it, go up to the beach. There's a cut scene:

Cut scene: The sergeant comes back and said that power around the area are down. In the water are 3 electrical arches that can transfer power back to the lights and, more importantly, the B Button Pad. Also in the water is an electric eel. Go underwater, get that eel to follow you into those 3 electrical arches! That's it!
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