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Default !*Force-Feedback/Rumble/Vibration/Nrage for Squall*!

I am using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. Force-feedback used to work on this and previous versions of Windows.I have a wired XBox 360 Controller. (Afterglow, doubt it matters because vibration works fine in other emulators/other games.)

*Controller is plugged in. Plugged is checked. Xinput is checked. Controller is detected and can be keybound. All options that would even let me configure force-feedback/rumble are still grayed out.

This is a consistent on/off again problem with Project 64/N64 emulation in general. Emulators for other systems (such as the Dolphin emulator) have never given me this problem.

More than one solution would be great, because I've tried uninstall, reinstall, device uninstall, reinstall, different versions of this and that, mixes of this and that, restarts...N O T H I N G W O R K S. This is such a consistent problem that it warrants a FAQ troubleshooting guide ("If you have these specs, you'll need these", "You'll need to enable compatibility for these", blah blah blah), and definitely a fix.
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