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Question DK64 issues

Right off the bat, I will hereby inform you all that I am not at all technically minded--so please, if you're going to reply go easy on me and my wee little brain

My hubby downloaded the emulater and ROM for DK64, we use the PJ64 1.6 version. That's about as technical as I can get with the terminology here... Anyway, all I want to do is play the game from beginning to end, no cheats, just pure honest to goodness trial and error. Well, I'm having problems getting anywhere because I am unable to collect bananas for Donkey, and neither bananas or coins for Diddy. I've seen some mentions of video plugins, don't know if what we have is the problem or not? According to the settings we have Jabosdirect 1.6 for video, audio, and input. Is there some fix for this so I can move on?

Only other complaint I have is that you can't see the numbers on the warp pads. No biggie, at least the colors are visible.

I appreciate any advice you might offer--and yes, I do own a 64 console, it is starting to go on the fritz though.