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Exclamation Controller won't work?

Hello theree!
I am trying to play Project 64 version 1.6 with an Axis Pad Playstation controller, but it is made for the PC. When I plug it into my computer, it recognizes it and downloaded the drivers and whatnott, but when I go to set the controls for it directly on Project 64, it won't work. :/
When I have the controller plugin set to Jabo's, the only thing that will work is the D-pad; none of the buttons, triggers, or analog sticks will register. However, when I set the controller plugin to N-Rage, the D-pad, buttons, and triggers work, but still not the analog sticks.
I know for a fact that the analog sticks are not broken. I went to my boyfriend's house and set the controller on his Project 64 (Same version, with Jabo's plugin) and it worked completely fine, including the analog sticks. When I open other emulators, such as Desmume, the analog sticks will also set for controls.

Does anyone have suggestions for what I should do? I'm not sure exactly which Axis Pad controller I have; I bought it at a yardsale with just the contoller.

I have just found out through a bit of Googleing that I have the AxisPad Colors GGE900 Blue PC USB Game Controller. I'm not too sure if this will help any though. :/

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