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Default Why might a ROM all of a sudden stop working?


I've been tinkering with different versions of PJ64 and trying to get Conker (which I'm aware has some issues) to run. Initially the "snow" or "static" at the top of the frame turned me off but I've learned to look past that simply because of how good the widescreen in Jabo's plugin looks (and because my computer can run no other emulator)

Problem now is that the ROM simply refuses to run, no matter the permutation of plugin or settings. It seems to load, but the emulator responds only with a black screen although the "FPS" in the bottom right corner does change values, as if the game is running. Other games run flawlessly, it's just Conker that's giving me trouble.

Upon reinstalling PJ64 v1.6, the game works the *first* time you load it, but after exiting the program it won't work again. The ROM is the same one that was initially working.

Anything I might try? Thank you.

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