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Edit: Try matching the NTSC settings to what the PAL version uses to see if that fixes it.

Sometimes,specific games have more frequent issues with GPU drivers and/or Windows updates or other oddities.

If on "Physical Lookup Table" turn on all self mods except protect memory,or if on "Virtual Lookup Table" turn off all self mods so it doesn't crash from them.
Newer versions of PJ64 run the game in Virtual LUT mode because its so much faster.
Oddly,older versions of PJ64 run much faster on Physical LUT mode while newer versions are incredibly slow on it and much faster on Virtual.

The less likely factor:
If you are using a hard drive and don't defragment it or use an odd storage option like an sd card or jump drive,the file could be fragmented enough to cause issues.
A very long while years ago,I had Banjo-Tooie act differently on Wii64 (Mayahem Temple started freezing on entering it) then I decided to defrag the sd card it was on and the level loaded properly again.