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Default Desperately looking for help

I tried posting yesterday and didnt recieve any help so I was going to try today as well. Im not sure really how to explain it. I tried both Project 1.6 and the current version of project 64 to try and play Mario 64. I had recently purchased a real Nintendo controller cause the retro link one I used was garbage and broke within less then two months. I started using the new nintendo 64 controller and nothing worked correctly. Anytime I would push mario in any direction it barley picked up. He wouldnt move anymore then a walk. I worked with the deadzone, and real n64 range and got him to be able to move somewhat. But still the game itself along with his moment felt slower after I started using this controller. I tried with 1.6 and issue only happened with his movement not the game itself running slower. I have no idea what to do to be able to get this working and why its running slower with an n64 controller compared to the retro link one. I had even tried switching the video source and that seemed to fix it for a little. But more issues had arisen. I was trying to use it with OBS Stuido anytime I'd full screen it the game would work fine. But once I tried with Game capture, display capture, and window capture I couldnt capture Project 64 anymore. It doesnt even work. If I get it on the screen the moment I fullscren it doesnt work. I have no idea what to do to fix any of these issues and Im desperately trying to fix this so I can continue streaming. Can someone help me?
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