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Originally Posted by kazuokiriyama View Post
i think that psp needs a fully functional N64 emulator i have tons of ps1, sega genesis, and super nintendo roms on my psp but i really want to play the games i loved on the 64 not on my pc because i dont even use it much a lot of people could agree with me on this we want awesome games like goldeneye, duke nukem, killer instinct gold, and many more Daedalus is good for some games but it's extremely horrible when it comes to playing the games i mentioned
Super Mario 64 hardly runs on the PSP, didn't know there were other games that run. Banjo Kazooie runs at 3FPS
Super Smash Bros Freezes
Road Rash 64 Freezes
Be glad the PSP can even run emulators :P
its not like the psp is a pc that can handle all the stuff thats required to play at full speed.
hell, N64 emulation on pc isnt that great either. and then comes PS2 emulation heh heh heh

so thinks its a long time before the psp can run n64 at full speed
its still cool to play sm64 on psp and have ppl go "wow how you get that on there? can i play?"
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