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Question daedalusx64 compat issues

ok well i havent seen anything on strmmnrmm lately but one of his fellows keeps updating it on sourceforge the last one was yesterday the 5th or something like that. im not bugging you saying you should or shouldnt thats your choice and i respect that buuuuuuttttt ...... i will say it might be an idea i have been so angry with daedalus lately i cant even run legend of zelda ocarina of time and i cant register on strmmnrmms site to get some help but quite a few games dont work or freeze up like shadowgate 64 freezes if buttons arent pushed and graphix glitch if you use sound. but i think pj64 would be better cuz u guys actually got the 2 games i want to play (LoZ: OoT and LoZ: MM stupid i know but there the only reason i hacked my psp and got an emulator) to work the best i had seen on pc so if you were that good on the pc version why not try psp? as i said its your decision and im not pushing you to do one and ill respect any choice you guys make but just think of what i said

P.S I'm sorry if i have said something maybe i shouldnt im just wondering is there like a specific reason you dont want to do one for the psp? do you guys hate sony or something cuz i know i do i dont even know why i wasted like 1.2 thousand on 3 psps that just have the screens crack in under 3 months thx hope i havent offended you or said something i shouldnt have. reat work on the pc version when i get my comp back its the first thing im getting.
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