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Originally Posted by RadeonUser View Post
Go ahead and take my words and twist them to your liking.
I don't mind since all you'll be doing is making me "vanish" for longer periods of time.
Eventually I may not come back and since I've not been dreadfully active in the beta/alpha stage I doubt my presence will be missed.
I haven't twisted any of your words, just cited them for my statements.

You gave a percentage of spam you didn't justify with valid examples except for 1, which would imply that yes you do have a misunderstanding or harsh perception.

You said also that when you logged on you saw mostly spamming when you cited threads, except for 1, that were majority composed of question-relevant information in their posts, which would imply that yes you do have a misunderstanding or harsh perception.

And now you're saying that you've been overly optimistic, having been away doubting yourself as having possibly been misunderstanding or too harsh. I don't care if you can convince me to think I'm twisting your words or not; that's paradoxical nonsense. It's not impossible to solve a spamming problem unless you're just not resourceful on ideas, but it's nonetheless pessimistic at this instant in time when there are only 2 non-OD-forum threads with majority spam in it that are still actively posted in. That means that this problem you keep going on about today consists of nothing except 2 threads.

By no means do I think any such misjudgement outweighs the respect you deserve. I don't know if it's one of those things about getting old or what, but it's not that you haven't been forgiving in what you've tried, just passive. Passivity isn't optimism. If you want to help zilmar put this project to peaceful rest you can easily ignore all of us; we matter nothing to you except possibly as fellow contributors to the testing he would like done.

And on that note, if you understand my meaning, I'll contently resign from conversing with that crazy tater-tot.

I've read some history years back about Smiff and Gent, though I don't know nearly as much about you. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Smiff himself was a bit rash. This sort of thing is why I think this issue isn't really worth taking so seriously, again as to why I'm more than happy to stop posting in all the threads unless it's in direct answer to what the OP requests or something like that.

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