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Originally Posted by Stone Cold E.T. View Post
Why not use 2.0 instead? 1.7 is awfully unstable. You might have some good luck with the rewrites 2.0 did.

Well, I remember in the original MP I could pause and set it to Save after Every Turn so that I would never lose any data, and I could jump to make a save state before any point where the game would consistently crash, predictably. Don't know if that might help you,


If you want to try tweaking the settings yourself to debug that, make sure advanced options are not set to hide (general program settings), then when you right-click the game in the ROM browser you can always pick "Edit Game Settings". Under "Recompiler", the best way to make the game stable from crashing is to change the CPU core type to Interpreter, but you can try the other alternatives to see which works against the crashing chances instead if you value the speed reserves of being able to play the game at full speed.
Is 2.0 much more stable? I guess I'm one of those people who believes in waiting a bit after a new product comes out so it has been reviewed and debugged a bit.

I'll try 2.0, and re-setting those game settings you mentioned.

I'll get back to you soon.
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