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Originally Posted by Clasttastic! View Post
Same here. Dunno what you mean.

And our frequency of posting here has nothing to do with whether someone agrees with you. I quoted the text that I agreed with, which apparently was written by you.
along with wording Well it seems we finally agree on something. kinda implies that weve had disagreements before, which is hard due to lack of posts from me here.

unless your someone from another site, and refairing to

anyways ive tried looking for this driver the links are dead, i cant remember what it was called but it ran anything in full screen mode in steroscopic, which sometimes was buggy if your emu crashed you had to CTRL+ALT+DEL to get out of it.

but this would be awesome if pj64 added this, to be honest the emu isnt really getting improved anymore, they just change little things that are pointless really as it doesnt improve much and compare to 1.6 it emulates almost the same speed for roms, and doesnt play roms that 1.6 cant ei RE2 or Indiana.
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