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Originally Posted by Wally123 View Post
For Windows users:

1. Use the Glide64 plugin that comes with PJ64 2.1.

3. Create a folder named "hires_texture" without quotes (and with the underscore) in the following directory "C:\Program Files\Project64 2.1\Plugin\GFX\" (or wherever the heck you installed PJ64 on your hard disk).

3a) If the compressed version of the texture pack has a folder in it named "ZELDA MAJORA'S MASK", extract it directly into the "hires_texture" folder. If it doesn't...create one in the "hires_texture" folder and simply extract the textures into it.

3b) In the same "hires_texture" folder, create another folder named "cache".

4. In the Project 64 game Ctrl+T on your keyboard to bring up the settings....and uncheck the box next to "Hide Advanced Settings" and in the Plugins settings...use "Glide64 for PJ64" as the default video plugin. In the Directories settings...set the "Textures Directory" box to the folder you created in Step 3 and click on the bottom radial button... Of course click OK.

5. Configure the graphics plugin to the following:

5a) In the Basic Settings tab in the "Rendering" box...set your resolutions.

5b) In the OpnenGL box set the VRAM size to how much VRAM your computer has available. Check the box "Use Frame Buffer Objects". Turn on VSYNC and Anisotropic Filtering.

5c) In the "Other" box, set your screenshots to PNG and check the only box in there "Show texture enhancement options" OK.

6. Configure the Graphics Plugin again and head over to the "Texture Enhancement Options" tab and use the following settings.

6a) You might not need to use texture filters...but they smooth out text in some cases..those are optional...Set the Texture Cache to 300MB (or no greater than your available video memory) and check "Compress Texture Cache".

6b) In the "Hi-resolution textures" box set Format to "Rice format", check Alternative CRC Calculations, Use Alpha Channels Fully, and Compress Texture Cache boxes...and check "Save texture cache to hard disk".

7. Click "OK" and run the game....It will take a bit of time to load the textures on the first run, but when they are working is amazing.

I hope that helped.
Hey man, I am a complete newbie when it comes to emulators so I want to reach out and say thank you for guiding us through that! I'm currently using 2.3 and everything you said worked just fine! I made an account just to say this so I hope you see that you helped someone out there!
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