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Thanks for getting back to me. I think it's the Mayflash one that I've ordered. Hopefully I'll get it either tomorrow or Wednesday. Fingers crossed that it works ok.

Been playing around a bit this morning to try out a few things. Downloaded a new GPU driver so that I now have Catalyst. This has allowed me to alter screen scaling on the TV so I now have full screen, which is great.

My only other real issue at the moment is the speed of the game. On my NTSC N64 if I take a particular line around the track, no power-slides and no going through the tunnel it takes 37 seconds to do a lap at 150cc. I chose an easy route as I'm playing on the keyboard with the PC and didn't fancy my luck with the tunnel etc.

The only way I can see to alter the speed of the emulator is the counter factor that I mentioned I'd found on another thread. The nearest I can get is 41 seconds at 150cc on counter factor 3, or 32 seconds at 50cc on counter factor 2. Four or five seconds a lap might not sound a lot but it makes a huge difference to the feel of the game.

Do you know of any other factor that can be altered to bring the speed closer to the original? I haven't tried any of the other settings as I have no understanding as to what they do.

Otherwise, someone mentioned an Emulator called 1964 earlier in this thread which I may have to try. As you can probably tell I'm desperate to have Mario Kart 64 running as close to the original as possible, just with a better resolution so I can use it on a modern larger TV. This has to be the way forward somehow as I love the clarity of the graphics. However, the most important factor is the gameplay, and having been playing this for so many years with the same group of friends that has to come first. So, if I really can't get it almost spot on I'll have to admit defeat and stick with the N64. I still live in hope though!

Thanks again.


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