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Thanks guys for the continued help. As usual I've got a few questions for you though.

Just had a mate over to try out the Mayflash with two controllers running from it. Selected a four player game as that's what we always play, but with just the two of us to see how it ran while the other two karts sat on the starting line. This was glitchy on the Wii's Virtual Console to the point where it was unpleasant to play. However, running on Project64 with the screen at full resolution with all the graphics settings to max, Mario Kart 64 played like a dream - it's awesome.

Ordered another Mayflash now that I know the first works well. Looking forward to a proper test so see how it plays. Got two mates coming over on Tuesday but our other player's working away until March so we've got a slight wait on our hands before we can fully test it.

Anyway, it's question time again regarding my earlier 1,2 & 3;-

1) Is there any way of altering the speed of the game other than using the counter factor as it's close to the original's speed but out by a few seconds a lap?

2) I got a Mayflash N64 to USB adapter today and the only issue I'm getting is not being able to map the down arrow C button on either of the two controllers I've attached. The PC recognises it when I'm calibrating but it doesn't work when trying the configure controller input screen.

3) The resolution is incredible, I've never seen Mario Kart look like this, but Karts and pick-ups etc don't pop-up into view until you're quite close to them. All the scenery's there perfectly though no matter how far the distance. Played with some settings but can't seem to change this. Any ideas?

1) Sync audio - still being of noob status I'm not sure what that might do if you could explain a little please.

2) Not sure what to do with plugins. I'm using whatever came with P64 and wouldn't know what else to look for or do with it.

3) There isn't any pop-up in the N64 version that I've noticed (at least not on the only track we play - Koopa Beach) and you can see the karts from any distance but with the Project64 version it does happen, but in the grand scheme of things I really don't think it's an issue as everything else is so good. Anyway, on Koopa Beach it only happens on the start/finish stretch (as you can see quite a way in a straight line) and besides I normally check out everyone's screen anyway to see where they are.

So pleased with this on Project64, so a huge thank you to anyone who's had anything to do with the project whatsoever, I love it.

By the way, what on earth does Bot ololol ^^ mean?