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Originally Posted by justin8571 View Post
1) Sync audio - still being of noob status I'm not sure what that might do if you could explain a little please.

2) Not sure what to do with plugins. I'm using whatever came with P64 and wouldn't know what else to look for or do with it.

3) There isn't any pop-up in the N64 version that I've noticed (at least not on the only track we play - Koopa Beach) and you can see the karts from any distance but with the Project64 version it does happen, but in the grand scheme of things I really don't think it's an issue as everything else is so good. Anyway, on Koopa Beach it only happens on the start/finish stretch (as you can see quite a way in a straight line) and besides I normally check out everyone's screen anyway to see where they are.
1) Go to options > configure audio > check sync game to audio

2&3) First go to here and place it in the plugins folder (Pj64 folder > plugins), BUT place the glide3x.dll in just the pj64 folder, then finally open pj64 > options > settings > then under "video plugin" select "glide64" and bam! it should work , also if the tv on Luigi circuit doesn't work post he and I'll tell you how to (hopefully ) fixed (even if it does work tell me, I'm just curious XD)

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By the way, what on earth does Bot ololol ^^ mean?
The poster before me was a bot
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are you american or something