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Well I played up to the point where Mario gets the 'Lucky Star' and no problems so far.

This was the U rom, verified to be [!] by GoodN64.

I played both regions of this game before PJ64 1.6 was released so I don't know why you'd be getting a crash.
Anything's possible though, some last minute change before 1.6 was released might have changed something.

I would love to have more information to go on too.
"Paper Mario" and "Crash" is all I got.

PJ64 version?
GoodN64 name of the rom?
Savestate / native save of where this is happening?
Are cheats being used?
Have you modified the rdb in any way?

These things are all very important for us to help you out.

I just happen to be the kind of tester who will go out and try to decipher the vague problems people report.
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