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Originally Posted by iohanntachy View Post
RDB isn't always updated and it's very limited (not bashing the devs), and IMHO a wiki would be an intuitive way to know about how a game work in different combinations of plugins, video cards, which setup works better, etc.

Since pj64 has gone opensource, this would be another nice way to the community to help. I can tell from myself that I would be willing to help alot with a wiki. Anyway theres alot of people out there with spare time that can't help coding and just fuckin love PJ64.
Wiki's are a great way to spread misinformation . Good example =

Dolphin not even once
Originally Posted by iohanntachy View Post
ps.: how about azimer audio as the default audio plugin? (jabo's cranckling audio piss me off)
When the problems get fixed.
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