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Originally Posted by dsx_ View Post
i would

i was going to do the wiki on github but i couldnt make sense of that shit
Originally Posted by Ambient_Malice View Post
I'd be glad to contribute.
Originally Posted by theboy181 View Post
yep.. but who will do the work?
I would recommend the GitHub wiki if you guys feel like doing a wiki.

theboy that's a silly question, of course anyone who has interest in this will do the work. :P

It just makes things easier for open-source projects already on GitHub, because the wiki feature built in to GitHub can be managed on the same level or point with internal references to cite the source (RDB files?) or whatever.

The current pj64 wiki startup is here (as I think I remember linking dsx), but you could have to create new pages since the only page there was created by me on accident. GitHub comment syntax is I think the same thing as GitHub wiki formatting syntax (**double asterisks** for bold, _underscores_ for italicization, may have to look up how to do links, images and tables). I suppose if you need any practice you guys could in theory always contribute to my wiki on the Zelda save format inputs.
So it's a dummy index that links to "saved data format", if I was missing any GameShark codes, tested inputs or anything else in the tables in the pages that links to it would be easy to edit the page to have the info in. (Though I'm not sure whether I have permissions set up in a way that anonymous can edit the pages.)
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