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Yeah I'm not a wiki expert. I've heard of MediaWiki but only because of a weddings site I was permitted to be a grammar troll on.

So Media Wiki, markdown-based/GitHub wiki, um, Wikipedia wiki? All I know is I'm not choosy enough to look up what differences there may be; I mostly just like to be able to lay out the full information with basic formatting that mere HTML3 would suffice to provide--tables, images, links, headings, horizontal dividers, blah. Just seems like enough to me I guess.

Originally Posted by dsx_ View Post
dolphin wiki/mediawiki or similar is easier in terms of, anyone can easily edit it directly online and update it instantly; unless this can be done on github?
I'm not sure yet whether 100% anonymous editing is possible (I would have to look that up), but I think anyone with a GitHub account can directly and instantly edit any of my Zelda wiki pages?

Like, try this link see if it tells you you don't have permission or whatever.
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