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Originally Posted by Scrotty View Post
I remember trying to use P64 on my W7 Laptop awhile back and didn't realize there were incompatibility issues and I got the blue screen of death. So! Will this happen on my W8.1? I don't want to lose all of my crap again, I'd wreck the devs of this program for not putting an advisory because I lost sooooooooo much.
I've been using Project64 on 8.1 x64 without issue since the OS's release. I don't see how the lack of them would cause a BSOD, but be sure to have the latest DX runtime and latest Visual C++ redistributables. Getting a BSOD seems like it'd me more hardware related than software. Because of this make sure you have the latest drivers for any graphics card you may have (bland tip but a tip nonetheless).

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