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Default ROM Audio ripper?

edit... the more I look into this, the more it seems that I either use PJ64 audio logging (not my ideal method), or dig far deeper into coding than I'd like. Unless I'm missing something??

Anyway...seems odd no one has made a simple to use audio extractor of some kind. I just ripped all the songs and sfx out of KI and KI2 arcade games using "M1 for Mame" and "BridgeM1" after less than a day learning curve. You'd think that would be more complicated than the N64 (they're allowing access to hundreds of arcade games with various audio hardware), but maybe not. Oh well.

I understand that each cart basically stores audio differently, but you'd think an XML reference file for each cart could allow quick access to the audio banks. That's essentially how M1/BridgeM1 works... there's a huge list of XMLs that people have created for each game in MAME. Not all are perfect, but it's a start, ha.

((previous post request))
Looking for a ROM audio ripper that hasn't been abandoned and maybe even updated for Win7+ systems? lol.

I want to rip all the audio (music/sfx) from my KI Gold rom.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help.

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