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Default re: cheat codes for 007 goldeneye

I guess I stuck this post in the wrong sub forum. I think it should be in Project 64 - v1.6 sub forum. But I can't find a new thread starter button there.

It has been a while since I played 007 goldeneye on the Project64 emulator. I have setup the hole thing on a newer/used laptop OS Win7 Home 32bit. I have both proj64 and pj64 1.7. The game it self works just fine on both emulators. I am having the same gameshark code problem in both versions. I can't get " bond invincible" code 80069652 0001 to work, I also can't get "all guns" code 80069653 0001 to work. The only code that I entered that works is "no music" code 80024337 0014. I copied and pasted all the codes right out of the cheats file. And I lost the code that enables the master cheat in 007 it self. I could use some help please.


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