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Originally Posted by reble View Post
I guess I stuck this post in the wrong sub forum. I think it should be in Project 64 - v1.6 sub forum. But I can't find a new thread starter button there.

It has been a while since I played 007 goldeneye on the Project64 emulator. I have setup the hole thing on a newer/used laptop OS Win7 Home 32bit. I have both proj64 and pj64 1.7. The game it self works just fine on both emulators. I am having the same gameshark code problem in both versions. I can't get " bond invincible" code 80069652 0001 to work, I also can't get "all guns" code 80069653 0001 to work. The only code that I entered that works is "no music" code 80024337 0014. I copied and pasted all the codes right out of the cheats file. And I lost the code that enables the master cheat in 007 it self. I could use some help please.

I'm also looking for some cheat codes.

Originally Posted by Helmsford View Post
Not realated to your question whatsoever.... But curious, did you find any button mapping that worked well with xbone controller?
I came across this on a site I frequent today which got me into looking for cheat codes to unlock all the special stuff you can have in this game (I barely remember now it's been so long but I remember there being a paintball mode).

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