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i really think multi core is a good idea. i have a solid 3 ghz processor which can run games without AA enabled. also anisotropic filtering is disabled screen size is 1280x800 (max). in mario party games (not mini games), my fps is around 30. slightly less smooth. if it was multicore i could enable aa and anisotropic.

also, on a second system, while playing perfect dark, it runs slowly and it only uses about half cpu. bug?!?

does vram make a big difference? i have a slow pc which had problems running project64. i upgraded video card to ati hd series 512 ram and i could change the res to maximum and still perfectly smooth. originally it was 640x480 now it's 1280x1024. still no aa and anisotropic. slows it down. that's why i'm suggesting multicore to be a good idea. give it some serious consideration.

i reckon it should come before 1.7 because it's taking ages. release it version 1.65
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