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I have not found a skip code yet,but here is an interesting code.

Conker BFD (U)

Intro Swap (broken)
D00BE9F7 0021
800BE9F7 001D
It takes you to a walkable Game Select "Cock And Plucker" room!
Press R to realize you seem invisible.
Can clip through walls into a bottomless pit which took me to a broken Bull Fighting room.


These below are when used with the intro swap code,and thus have neat side effects.
Exiting rooms normally will make you enter the proper room for the exit,and will also have weird side effects.

00=Broken Bull Fight Room??? (Y U NO TEST LEVEL?)
01=Inside Barn
02=Main Uga Booga
03=Waterless/Glitched Terrain Bulldog
04=Tediz Shore
05=Nothingness (fun for animation mod)
06=Windy Day
08=Massive Textured Floor
09=Messy Terrain
0A=Furnace Boss Room
0B=Gears Room
0D=Cheese Wars??? (lags,soft freezes from too many objects spawning)
0E=Tediz Tank Room
0F=Uga Raptor War???
10=Barn Pit Boss
12=Inside The Safe
13=Main War Area
14=Uga Colloseum
17=Depths Of Safe
18=New Game Scene (not walkable)
19=Building Before Uga
1A=Multi Heist
1B=Tediz Laser Mines
1C=War Tediz Execution Posts
1D=Game Select Room
1E=War Tediz Before Electric Chair
1F=Garbled Mess Of Terrain (not crashing)
20=Massive Textured Floor
22=Not Quite Dead
23=Heavily Armed Tediz Boss
24=Multiplayer Tank Area,You lost at Heist?
25=For Mature Audiences Only/Massive Textured Floor With Blue Sky
26=War Tediz Turret After Electric Chair
27=Inside The Hornets' Nest
28=Tediz Toxic Drainage (Can swim in mid-air)
29=Waterfall Top (get explanation to get back moves)
2A=Freezes Game (soft freeze)
2B=Squirrels VS. Tediz Room (as squirrels),Lost at Heist?
2C=Poo Cabin
2D=Total War
2E=Learn Frying Pan
2F=Tediz Electric Chair
31=Rock Solid
32=Lava Board Race
33=Multi Lava Board
35=Great Mighty Poo
36=Not Matrix
37=Poop Chute
38=Mafia Table
39=Bridge Feral Reserve
3A=Feral Vault Door
3B=Windy Night
3D=Snake Way To Mansion
3F=Multi Uga Raptor

I will finish this level select code list when I get the chance.

Edit:FOUND IT!!!

Intro Skip
D00BE9F7 0021
800BE9F7 001D
D00E0B94 0001
800E0B94 0003
It even starts out focused on Multiplayer!

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